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Josh Hall was a cupboard maker in highschool, and after graduating, labored for an organization that personalized tour buses. When the corporate bought the prospect to do the cabinetry work for tour buses together with for bands like Metallica, and Johnny Cash, he was all in: “We did some really cool stuff!” he says.

As the drummer for a neighborhood band, This Fire’s Embrace, he additionally toured along with his personal band on weekends. “We were doing the weekend warrior thing. And then we got pretty serious, and we traveled throughout the country for a while.”

Things have been going properly, however like many individuals, in the course of the Great Recession, every thing modified. “I got laid off from my cabinet making job in 2009, when the economy got hit really hard. At that point I realized that I needed to start doing something else.”

He knew he didn’t wish to pursue any sort of company 9-to-5 job. “I could not do it. I might not do it. I’m not wired for that, for certain!”

Instead, Josh noticed his lay off as a chance to pursue his curiosity in design. “I was still doing the band thing, so we were traveling quite a bit, and I started doing all of the band’s artwork.” He designed their CD covers and T-shirts. 

“I’ll never forget we were playing a festival and somebody was like, ‘Wow, your T-shirts look sweet. Who designed them?’ And I said, ‘Well, I did. I do graphic design now.’” And then the fan requested him how a lot he would cost to design a t-shirt for him. 

Josh thought: Wow, can I really earn money doing one thing I actually take pleasure in?

Josh Hall (left) began his design enterprise when he designed t-shirts for his band, This Fire’s Embrace. Someone within the viewers observed the shirts and requested him to design a t-shirt for him, and the remaining is historical past.

That’s How It All Started 

After he designed the fan’s t-shirt, Josh took on some freelance graphic design gigs, after which the church he attended on the time wanted some assist with their web site they usually requested him to assist out.

“I believed, I do not know something about net design, however I will give it a go! 

His willingness to take that threat paid off, and through 2009-2010 he began his net design enterprise. 

Josh took just a few lessons in graphic design, however for probably the most half he’s been primarily self-taught with regards to net design. “When I first got started I knew a local guy who owned a web design agency, a little different setup. He was in a different market, but he did give me some really good advice from the business side of things,” Josh says.

“But primarily I did it on my own, and I wasted a lot of time doing it that way” via trial and error. For 10 years he grew his design enterprise. In the meantime, he bought married and had two daughters. 

But then he felt his work getting a bit stale. 

“I was doing the web design business and client work for a decade,” he says, “but I was ready for something else.” So he determined to concentrate on constructing his private model. 

From Agency Owner to

He launched on the finish of 2017. “My personal brand is where my passion is!” he says. “I started giving back and doing tutorials and resources. And it’s just blown up to where creating and teaching online design courses is primarily what I do.”

His private model began as a result of he cherished writing. He realized how a lot he had realized by beginning his company, and he needed to start out giving again. “So, that’s what really prompted me to start this endeavor with my personal brand.” “I use WordPress and a certain theme for WordPress called Divi, which is one of the most popular themes out there. And the company that built that theme has a massive blog. And the content manager just so happened to live in Columbus. So, I reached out to him, and I had coffee with him, and I shared my experience. And I said that I was looking to do a little more with the community. And he was like, ‘Hey, man, would you be interested in writing for our blog?’ And I was like, ‘sure!’ And then he said: “No pressure. There are only 3.3 million readers right now.” Josh laughs. 

Writing for The Elegant Themes weblog helped him construct his authority inside the design neighborhood and develop his viewers.

So he began writing for The Elegant Themes weblog, which gave him some notoriety within the design neighborhood.

Then Josh began a Facebook Group for the Divi theme, which is now 22,000. Members. “It’s crazy,” he says. 

A number of years in the past, Josh discovered Pat and Financeuse.

“I’m actually a member of James Schramko SuperFastBusiness, which I know Pat’s involved with as well. That’s how I heard about Pat initially.” Josh began studying every thing he might about constructing an internet model.

Once he began teaching others, that is when issues simply skyrocketed for him.

At the start of 2018, he began creating and promoting online design courses. “For the past year and a half, I’ve been releasing courses and two weeks ago I released my ninth course. So, I’m essentially teaching what I’ve learned in my decade of experience with going from graphic designer to web designer, building a business out of it.”

After his expertise with being laid off in 2009, he now has the chance to assist others who’re struggling on this present financial downturn. In the previous two months he’s seen an enormous inflow of individuals inquisitive about his programs, as a result of so many individuals are transitioning and pivoting to attempting to do net design and getting their companies on-line.

“I think, okay, what could I have needed eight years ago when I was starting my business? That’s where my mind frame is to help people get to that next level. So, that’s one of the aspects I love about online design courses.”

Creating Courses, Changing Lives

The different facets he loves about on-line programs is the flexibility to construct one thing, after which to promote it after which to earn money whereas he sleeps. “It’s much less time intensive than service work, and I control all the variables and the aspects too, which is awesome.”

Josh has seen the lives of his pupil actually change by taking his programs. “It has been the most rewarding work. I don’t feel like I’m working when I’m putting courses together and marketing them and selling them. One of my students went through my maintenance planning course and the money that he learned to generate from that helped him adopt two kids.”

His on-line design programs train individuals how you can construct superior web sites and how you can develop a profitable net design enterprise. They embrace an internet site upkeep plan, how you can handle the web sites and shoppers, and a newbie’s course about WordPress and Divi. He additionally has some technical programs, a enterprise course and website positioning course. Right now he has over 654 college students throughout all programs.

He additionally has a YouTube Channel the place he posts sources and tutorials. Right now he has over 1.5 million views, and 18,417 subscribers. “That’s where most people hear about me because I post tutorials on website tricks and things like that. I just released a video on working from home during the pandemic.”

He’s additionally constructing his electronic mail record, with over 5,000 subscribers, and he’s hoping to double that when he takes Pat’s Email Marketing Magic course

Right now, his programs are his major supply of revenue, and he’s on monitor to earn $250,000 from his on-line programs this 12 months. He just lately offered his design enterprise. He employed a lead designer, and he’s planning to rent one other particular person to assist with the company so he can focus 100% on his on-line programs. 

Pursuing Podcasting

Josh began a podcast 6 months in the past, the Josh Hall Web Design Show

He waited over a 12 months to start out his podcast as a result of he didn’t have the bandwidth. He was creating on-line programs and constructing his enterprise and he didn’t really feel like he might do it justice. 

But by the top of the summer time final 12 months, he thought, You know what? I really feel prefer it’s time. I really feel like I might do the podcast. “I heard on James Schramko’s podcast in regards to the SPI Podcast Cheat Sheet. He went via the Cheat Sheet and he thought, I like this man [Pat]. This appears to be like thorough. He had had a  couple individuals in his community who additionally really helpful Pat and that was sufficient to persuade him to take Pat’s Power Up Podcasting Course

“So, I joined the course. My goal was to release the podcast in the fall last year. I signed up for the course on September 30, and I had my first three episodes out by I think it was October 21st. It was less than three weeks.”

Josh formally launched The Josh Hall Web Design Show on November four, 2019. “I launched with three episodes and did a big launch party and stuff and ever since it’s been amazing. It’s been awesome. I enjoy digging into things deeper and really talking through it, which is why I love podcasting. You can’t do that on videos. I’ve done videos that are half an hour and they just don’t go over as well. Whereas podcasting, I can talk for an hour and it goes over really well. It lends itself much more to my style of communication.”

Josh began podcasting ten months in the past and already has 52,000 performs and downloads.

He’s ten months into his podcast journey now, and the podcast has attracted numerous new people who find themselves extra severe about beginning a enterprise. “Some of the people that find me on YouTube are just looking for a quick fix or something that’s super cheap. The podcast has attracted a whole different type of person.”

His company embrace colleagues within the net design area and wider enterprise community. His first episode was an introduction present, the place he advised his viewers how he bought began within the net design enterprise. His first couple of company included a fellow net designer who has been very profitable within the WordPress and Divi realm, and one other one was an internet designer from Poland, who’s a mother of 5 children who talked about how she manages 5 children whereas doing net design.

Taking It To The Next Level

Josh just lately took Pat’s Amp’d Up Podcasting course to take his podcast to the subsequent degree. The course taught him how you can higher plan out his present month by month as an alternative of doing it advert hoc. And it additionally impressed him handy off numerous the modifying and post-production. Josh just lately employed a VA to assist with distributing his podcast and doing present notes, outlines, and full transcription.

“Right now, I’m 51 episodes in and I still love it. It’s awesome. It’s still one of my favorite things to do. Podcasting is an incredible asset to have. It builds authority. It’s a really cool way to get yourself out there, and potentially explode your business in record time.” With simply 51 episodes, he has 52,000 performs and downloads.

“I think the biggest thing that I found is that it builds trust, and that is the hardest thing to build. You can watch a video and you get a feel for somebody. But there’s something about hearing somebody in an in depth conversation week after week, after week that just helps build a connection that is unrivaled with other mediums.”

While he finally desires to monetize the present, for now he’s utilizing the podcast as a conversion device to get individuals into his programs. “A lot of my students that come in now say they got hooked on my podcast, and then dove into a course.” 

Success is…Living the Life He Wants

In 2019, Josh earned six figures via his on-line design programs, and his new objective is to start out a membership program. “The only downfall with courses is that people go through them and then sometimes they just disappear. There’s no reason for them to be connected ongoing. So, the membership portion is what I’m really excited to continue to get people in and do advanced training.”

Building his personal enterprise and dealing from house since 2010 has allowed Josh to spend extra time along with his household.

But Josh says success to him is extra than simply creating wealth. “I feel greater than something is it is not a few sure sum of money for certain. It’s about what way of life you need. But the actually great point is that what I am doing has allowed me to remain at house. I’ve labored from house since 2010.

“I have segments throughout the day where I don’t work 9:00 to 5:00. I’ll work a segment in the morning, in the afternoon, and I’ve really learned to balance that with family life, which has been huge, so I can see my daughters and help out around the house. My wife is a stay-at-home mom. So she’s got her plate full with the kiddos. But I’m very active and a hands-on dad with that kind of stuff.”

Josh says he thinks it’s tough within the entrepreneurial world as a result of “everyone just envisions the dude on a boat, that kind of thing.” But for him, success is “just the freedom of what lifestyle you want to live. I think as long as you’re on that path, then you’re doing pretty well.”

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