How to Build an Email list from scratch in 2020 2021?

How to build an Email list for free in 2020-2021

It’s physically impossible, like, you’re not goanna be able to do it even in a single year. Lets build an email list !

Are you spending all of your time on social media thinking that you’re actually building a business, but then something happens, like what happened Tostito quite recently, and you might potentially lose your entire audience, if that’s the case.

And that’s something that you are worried about, then keep on watching, because in this blogpost, I’m going to share with you why you need tube building an email list and how tactually do that.

How to build an email list without a website

Make email list without any website with mailchimp :

And we’ll talk all about that. And I’m also going to share with you the tools that you need, which’s actually only two tools that you need to be using in order to build an email list.

Make list with Mailchimp
Make list with Mailchimp

So keep on watching. So welcomeback to my channel, Elena Ostrovskahere from

This is the best place for coaches, consultant sand entrepreneurs who are trying to build a business using social media.

Solet’s get right into this. So the very first thing that we want to talk agoutis why you must be building an email list.

So first of all, you have to remember that you do not own social media, you do not own Facebook, you don’t own Google, you do not own Instagram or none of these platforms.

Not to mention, did you hear what recently happened to Tikka? So a lot of companies are saying to their employeesHow to create an email list for business , like what Amazon recently said to their employees, you know, remove Tikka, donor use that platform.

And it’s potentially about to be banned in the United States of America. So that’s the first thing.

So you do not want to see something like this happen to your business, especially if you just rely one social media platform.

I mean, we don’t know if Tikka is actually going to be banned. I mean, if there’s always loopholes, and I’m actually going to have a separate blogpost all about that, but you do not own social media platforms. So you always wants to just use the social media as your vehicle as your tool to move people somewhere else which is through the list that you own which is your email.

And let me tell you something, you know, there’s always going to be different platforms and tools and social media platforms that’re going to be coming and going. But there’s one thing that is just not going to die anytime soon. And that is the email. So everybody’s is communicating using email. Everybody has always bemusing that up to this point. And from this point on forward, people are still going to be using the email.

So that isomer place that you always have to direct people to. Now, what can you actually do with an email list? So you have to remember that this is your biggest asset.

And if you look at all the big companies like Amazon or Nordstrom, or Sephora, so every single time you go toe retailer offline, what do they ask you?

So I still remember going to ashore called GAP a couple of years ago, and the first thing they asked me They said, Hey, what is your best email address so we can send you their receipt, right? So not only did Receive the receipt after my purchase when I left the store. But going forward, I kept receiving more promotions and updates about what’s going on in their online store, how Icon get all the benefits and the perks of being on their email list. So if althea big companies are doing that, that’s your big hint and clue that hey, maybe Should be doing that as well.

Now another company that I personally Lovato death, which is Sephora. So if you’re a woman and you’re watching this blogpost and you are on their email list, then you know exactly what they redoing.

Every single time I go to the store online and I check out the makeup and I check what’s new and I you know, browse around or add something to my basket so I don’t forget about it or something I really want to purchase and then I just leave it there in my accountant then a couple hours later, they sandmen an email saying hey, you left something in your basket and in my opinion, their marketing in the inside of the emails is so good that every single time I you know receive their promotion I always check it and I always have my eyes glued to my email from them.

So that is something you also wanton be doing. So here’s the things that you can be doing with an email list. So you can send them promotions, which dishonestly your number one place where you’re going to go when you want to promote something, it’s always going tube your email list.

It’s not going to be Facebook ads, it’s not going to be, you know, messenger bots, or none of that which are getting more strict.

Create audience list in Mailchimp :

I mean, they already have gotten more strict, but your email is the first place where you communicate because those are the people who raised their hands. And they said, Yes, I want to receive more communication from you.

So I would Lovato get more updates and details from you. It is the number one place for youth research and do all the market research and surveys and ask your audience what is it that they currently need?

So this is something that I did recently, I was serving my audience about a product that I am in the processor launching in the next coming weeks, and I did ask my audience before actually even putting anything into practice.

Make list with Mailchimp
Make list with Mailchimp

Basically, I asked them, Heymans this something that you’re actually interested in and I did a full unsurvey, I emailed my list and I got well over 50 responses from a tiny email list that I have. And I haven’t really grottiness much response from other places compared to my email list. So my email list is the first place I go every single time.

Your email list is also the people that you communicate to when you have a new piece of content such as a YouTube blogpost like this. The first people who that always see my YouTube blogposts are the ones that are on my email list. And one thing that you have to remember is you talking to people one ozone on social media is not goanna last, not to mention that accounts get shutdown.

I’ve seen people lose their Instagram accounts. I’ve seen people lose their Facebook profiles and having to rebuild everything from scratch, but your email list that is something that you actually own, you can always export it.

You can do whatever you want with that list, as long as that’s legal and you So like your list is basically your property. And the best thing about it is you’re always going to be building the relationships one to many. So instead of you talking to one or one to people unsocial media, you will actually send one email to as many as you know, millions of people, hundreds of thousands of people, you know, hundreds of people.

So however many people you have on your email list right now, I mean, the sky’s the limit. I know marketers with email list of a million people on their email list.

I know marketers who have like 7million people on their email list. And that’s something that you can do and youkan communicate with that audience way more efficiently.

I mean, how many how many hours is it goanna take you to, to message 7 million people? I mean, it’s physically impossible. Like you’re not going to be able to do it even in single year. But you can do it instantly with an email list.

Now what do you actually need in order to build an email list and have people raise their handstand jump on your email list and half you communicate with them about whatever it is that you want to communicate totem.

So the first thing that you wanton understand is people are going ogive their email information or their name or potentially phone number for an exchange or some kind of value, right. So which the value usually is something for free that you can give away.

It cane an eBook, it can be a PDF, it can bean audio, it can be a blogpost series, it can be a free challenge, it could become kind of masterclass, webinar. So something that delivers them a piece of information and something that helps them solve their problems.

So for example, what I like the kind of email lead magnet that I have right now lookalike this, which is the social media content calendar that I put together earlier this year. And that’s been generating me leads pretty much every single day. So that is something that you again, you can check that out bellowing the description box. I will have althea resources by the way down below swell. So be sure to check that out.

Andean, so like I’ve had lead magnets, different lead magnets in the past couple of years I’ve had, you know, lead magnets of such as eBooks, I have challenges that I do every now. And then I’ve done master classes, all these different ways for you to build your email list.

So that is something that you have to first of all sit down and figure out, what kind of way does my audience prefer to receive information? And what is it that you can actually doff you suck at audios or blogposts, then don’t do them; package it into a smallPDF.

That’s actually every single lead magnet that I’ve had. It’s always been pad. So that is something that if I need to go and make a change, I can always gonad easily make those changes. But fit’s something like a masterclass, sometimes it does become outdated. Suit’s something that you have to always keep updating every single time so but masterclasses, audios, so that’s something you can always do down the line.

And the question that you might basking is, how many lead magnets do Indeed to have? Do I need to just have one or do I need to have multiple? Well, I’ll answer you this question right now.

Finalize your landing page with mailchimp:

You can have as many as you want, but you just need to start with one and focus on that one lead magnet for at least the next six months, you don’t have to change anything, you don’t have to keep making PDFs one PDF after another, you don’t have to keep, you know, offering something for free. Instead, which is I’ll give you that asap bonus, instead of you giving away multiple things for free, Instead, focus on creating a good offer that you’re going to actually go into invest in, and you just promote this one PDF, just to build your email list.

Make list with Mailchimp
Make list with Mailchimp

So now moving forward, what are the tools that you actually needs to make it happen? So I’ll share with you my own tools that I’m personally using in my business to build my email list and to, you know, constantly expand my audience and communicate with them on a daily pretty much on a daily basis or a weekly basis? So do you need to be using them like thrones that I recommend? Not necessarily, there’s plenty of tools out there and I’ll share with you those as well.

Well, the number one tool that I personally use right now is called Click Funnels. So I’ll leave a link for you down below, you can take a free 14 day trial and serif that is something that you see yourself using.

And I do use AWeberwhich is an auto responder which again, you can click the link down below and get a free account, which actually is anew update from Weber. They do let you have a free auto responder for up to 500s. And I believe you can sendup to 3000 emails per month, which that’s plenty like trust me, that is plenty so you can have that free account.

And I’m personally paying $29 month right now. And the plan is obviously like auto responders they doge a little bit more expensive when you do build a bigger list. But the bigger your list grows, the more money you’re actually making, which just to give you statistic, on average, you’re going tube making $1 per on your list.

So if you want to technically make$10,000 a month, you do need to have10,000 s on your email list. But again, that’s approximate you like generally people in the end that dove good high converting offers, they o make way more per than hat.

Now, so Click Funnels and Weber. Toes are the tools that I’m personally using to create all of my funnels. So Cockfield, that’s all I use for all of my funnels, all of my sales pages, I actually did a blogpost right here, talking al about how I create my funnels.

So you can basically it’s like a 15 minute tutorial that you can watch and check our how to actually use it. So you don’t haem to get confused like most people do And Weber that’s all I use to send emails to my email list. Now there are otter tools, you can build your funnels an lead magnets and sales pages and all of that using WordPress. So or you can us Lead Pages, that’s another option. Three’s like Groove Funnels.

There’s all kinds of different software’s that you can check out If you have a WordPress website and you prefer to build it tree, you can either use Diva Elegant Teems, or you can use Element or and Tara So I’ll leave links down below format as well.

So that’s actually how ‘ve built my own website single-entry builder for WordPress and star themes. So if you’re a WordPress of person, those are your options. o that is literally all you need intruder for you to build an email list. I early hope this blogpost was valuable. Lethe know down below in the comment section, if you enjoyed this.

Let me know – are you building your email lit right now? So I really hope you do an I really hope you’re going to start ND put more effort into after watching tis blogpost. So without any further ado, if you enjoyed this blogpost, give it a lie, comment down below your biggest takeaway out of it. Let me know which tools are using to build your email lit.

Check out all the description do resources and tools that I have mentioned so fern below for all tan hit that subscribe button if you enjoy this kind of content if you enjoyed this blogpost, so I appreciate you. I hope you have an amazing day and checkout these two blogposts right here.

All about marketing content creation social media, and I will see you in the next blogpost.