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I simply acquired this e mail from a rocking blogger:

“Good Evening sir,
Hope you and your loved ones match and operating. Actually I’ve listed my
WordPress weblog [insert site name] on the market on Flippa. Here are
my weblog’s key statistics,
Niche – Investment & Blogging
Domain Authority – 14
Page Authority – 33.
If you have an interest then please place your bid within the auctions
ranging from $1.
Warm Regards,”

I respect this blogger. I really like their hustle. I don’t share this to criticize the person. I do issues with love.

I copy-pasted this particular e mail as a result of it explains why few bloggers earn money on-line.

If you assume, really feel and act like a blogger who’s attempting to make $1, you’ll make $1 or zero zero dollars.

If you assume, really feel and act like a blogger who holds a enjoyable, releasing intent to circle the globe, or to weblog from dwelling being surrounded by your loved ones, you’ll finally make sufficient cash to stay your desires of circling the globe or working at dwelling with your loved ones.

Let’s hop into the thoughts of this rocking blogger. He-she units the objective: make $1.

Start bidding at $1. The particular person is aware of based mostly on low weblog metrics, the bidding begins at 1 buck. OK. Cool. But how will you ever earn a full time earnings on-line by promoting websites for $1? How are you able to be free to circle the globe should you decrease the running a blog earnings bar to some extent the place bidding for a website begins at 1 USD?

Again; I really like you guys so I’m trustworthy with you. Unfortunately, I solely inform the reality to folks I care about 🙂

The easy method to make more cash running a blog is to develop your abundance consciousness. Goodness is aware of I’ve greater than sufficient eBooks on this subject. Here’s one. But principally, growing your abundance consciousness entails feeling ample, rich and grateful whereas dealing with, feeling and releasing poverty acutely aware fears in your thoughts.

In 2016, I created and revealed this running a blog audio course:

11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging

I charged $35 for the course as a result of deep fears burrowed into my thoughts concerning the course. I believed like a poor particular person regarding the course. I anticipated to make principally nothing off of the course, deep down, really. Naturally, I did what broke of us do: cost principally nothing for the worth you provide.

Eventually, I triggered and unearthed deep cash fears. I then felt higher concerning the course. I charged $100. I then – years later – realized the worth rendered within the course. I confronted some extra fears. I charged $350.

Same course content material, however totally different mindset. I totally realized the large worth I shared and dream-life I lived warranted a $350 asking value. Making cash running a blog will get a bit simpler should you cost $350 for a invaluable course versus charging $35 for a course you’re feeling is nothing particular. My mindset made the distinction. Your mindset makes the distinction along with your running a blog marketing campaign.

Raise the bar. Face cash fears. Feel ‘em. Release ‘em. Value your work. Observe what bloggers in your niche cost for services. Get tremendous busy growing the talents essential to cost premium charges and costs. Earn the fitting to earn more cash. Raise the bar in your abilities by training your craft, then increase the bar in your pricing.

Never promote your self brief. Never cost peanuts for services. No blogger frees themselves charging $1 for a web site or $5 for valued companies provided as a result of based mostly on the human life span, finally, you run out of time. Think about it; finishing 20 jobs for $5 per rent each day nets you $100 each day. Are you critical? Try slaving, straining and striving by finishing 20 jobs each day for $5 for 10 years. You will burn out and give up earlier than incomes a midway respectable residing. You do not make sufficient cash to earn a releasing residing, not to mention, releasing your self to circle the globe for years, by way of running a blog.

Polish your abilities. Develop your abundance consciousness. Develop the talents and confidence essential to cost $100, $500 or $1000 per job. Free your self. Stop running a blog for peanuts. As your abilities, confidence and readability will increase, so does your pricing, companies and running a blog earnings.

Everything is determined by your mindset.

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