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So, I bought a replacement GoDaddy website builder help plan, put it, through a bunch of tests and if they’re, gonna be bad they’re gonna be bad but, let’s see how they really performed.

GoDaddy is one among the most important and, best-known web hosting companies within the, world.

However, in recent years everybody, seems to hate them. Why is that?

Well, let’s take a glance here. The GoDaddy, website claims that supported TrustPilot, reviews their service is rated at the, very respectable 9.1/10, 5 stars out of 5 stars based, on 857 reviews (Updated to 1138), outstanding performance.

However, if we, would actually visit their TrustPilot, page it’s rated 2 stars out of 5, with over 3000 reviews almost as if, GoDaddy is tricking people by, cherry-picking, only the simplest reviews. Maybe that’s why, the public hate train on GoDaddy is so, rampant.

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they appear to be filled with these, little marketing tricks that deceive, their users but that’s just one side of, the coin it gets far more interesting, so keep watching.

So, that, Trustpilot example that I just gave you, well sorry to mention but it had been completely, fake, I simply tricked you.

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I showed you, the UK version of the GoDaddy website, while showing you the US reviews. If we, would visit the united kingdom reviews we might see, that the reviews are perfectly fine and, GoDaddy didn’t lie in the least .

Okay, but what, was the purpose of all of this why did I, trick you within the first place?

I simply, wanted to point out you ways easy it’s to, form someone’s opinion, make quick, assumptions and spread baseless, information.

If you’d search Google, or YouTube for GoDaddy reviews everyone, seems to completely hate GoDaddy., But GoDaddy still has the most important user, base out of any web hosting company, actually consistent with Datanyze, GoDaddy owns roughly around 18%, of market shares within the web, hosting business.

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For only one brand, that’s insane. i could not find a source, of how Datanyze got their test results, so let’s take it with a grain of salt, and use this number because the ballpark, measurement but that’s still tons of, people that use GoDaddy and why do they, do it if it’s, terrible?

Godaddy Website builder help
Godaddy Website builder help

Well, when a corporation starts, universally trending nearly as good or bad most, reviewers will attempt to keep that trend.

Because, if everyone says it’s bad and, you say it’s good you’re in danger of, damaging your brand. People might assume, the company just paid you to mention those, good things about them.

But enough of, speculation and what people think. I, base my reviews on cold hard data, tests, and facts.

So, I bought a replacement GoDaddy plan, put it through a bunch of tests and if, they’re gonna be bad they’re gonna be, bad. But let’s examine how they really, performed.

I’ve found out an up time monitor, to see how often my website goes offline, I’ve let the test run one week and, the results were just about what I, expected from a seasoned expert in web, hosting.

My website didn’t go offline at, all not even for one second during the, whole week. Response times were also, consistently low averaging around 365*, milliseconds.

For reference, most other, hosting companies I test average around, 500 milliseconds or more so 365ms may be a, really good result.

Godaddy Website builder help Publish
Godaddy Website builder help Publish

GoDaddy passed my stability test with, flying colors let’s examine how they perform, in terms of loading speed.

I’ve used GTmetrix, for this and no surprise again, GoDaddy was fast. My website loaded in, just 1.2 seconds on the average .

For, reference anything below one second is, incredible anything on the brink of one second, is considered excellent.

My website also, got in 97% with PageSpeed and 76 you bored with YSlow. But the loading time, metric is far more important when, testing web hosting providers because, the YSlow and PageSpeed scores depend, on the template, layout and content of, your website. My last test was using BitCatcha.

I wanted to ascertain how GoDaddy, performs internationally and if users, from Asia or Europe would see, significant slowdown within the loading, speed.

The solution was no, GoDaddy scored, an A+ meaning my website loads fast for, everyone round the world.

Overall, I’m, very proud of these results but how, much will this performance cost you in, general it’s known that GoDaddy is, expensive.

They overprice everything and, they keep shoving, useless features in your face until you, cave in and buy them for an absurd, amount of cash .

However, recently they’ve, been turning it around with some great, promotions. for instance , if you employ the, links within the description down below you, can get web hosting for just 1 dollar, a month.

You furthermore may get a free domain, currently that is the cheapest one-year, plan you’ll get anywhere for comparison, let’s use SiteGround and Bluehost, one-year hosting with a website name from, GoDaddy will cost you $12.

Bluehost, charges $71 and Siteground would cost, you $63. Oh and also the previous king of, cheap and reliable web hosting, has just been dethroned by, GoDaddy.

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Because, one year plan with a, domain name from Hostinger costs, 38 dollars while GoDaddy, offers an equivalent for 12 dollars.

The, king is dead, long live the king. While, the promotion lasts in fact . Before we, continue a fast disclaimer: i would like to be, super transparent here and mentioned, that I support myself and therefore the channel, from affiliate links.

These article take a, large amount of your time and resources to, properly test, script and edit.

All, of this is often possible because viewers like, you use the links below when making, their purchases.

If you employ the link in, the description you get a reduction and that i, get paid a commission. it is a win for, both of us. So, if you discover my content please share this article.

Thank you.

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